Schedule for AGIC-2017

8:30 – 9:00

Registration & Coffee                                                                        H-765

9:00 – 10:15

  • Studies on the Holocaust (H-760)
    • Framing absent bodies: the changing role and perception of the Holocaust victims’ ashes, by Myriam Gerber, (Ph.D. in History at Concordia University).
    • Religious Elements in Nazism, by Neil Matthews (M.A. in Religion, Concordia University)
  • Philosophy of Religion (H-762)
    • Christian Human Rights, by Tsoncho Tsonchev (Ph.D., McGill University)
    • Thomas Hobbes and the Specter of Violent Death: An analysis of the use of fear in Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan, by Ina Kristen Simon (M.A. in Theology, Concordia University)
  • Christianity in Text and Philosophy (H-763)
    • Relire l’infanticide de Bthléem (Mt 2,16-18) à la lumière du génocide culturel des Autochtones, par Sébastien Doane, (PhD Theologie, Université de Laval)
    • Jésus chassant les vendeurs avec un fouet : Histoire des interprétations et lecture contextuelle non-violente, par Sonny Perron-Nault, (M.A. in Theology, Université de Montréal)
    • Theology of Liberation or the Liberation of Theology?: Interreligious Learning as a Way Forward In Preventing Religion Related Violence, by Christian Stackaruk, (Ph.D. in Theology, University of Toronto)
  • Violence during the Roman Empire (H-767)
    • Consecrated Bodies and the Aesthetic of Mithraic Violence
      Nina Mazhjoo (Ph.D. in Religion, Concordia University)
    • Naked and Unafraid: Narrating Power in the Martyrdom of Perpetua and Felicity, by Alison Cleverley (M.A. in Religion, University of Toronto)
    • Jupiter Dolichenus, the ‘Military God’? Axiom or Enigma? by Catherine Leiser (PhD in Religion, Concordia University)

10:30 – 12:15

  • Religion and Nonorthodox Practices (H-760)
    • Violence Spiritualized: The Function of Violent Tropes in Mipham’s Redaction of the Gesar Epic, by James Quinn (Ph.D. in Religion, Concordia University)
    • “What’s Disgust Got To Do With It?”: Examining the Role of Disgust in Religious Violence, by Sid Sudiacal (Ph.D. in Theology, McMaster Divinity College)
    • The case of Waco, by Kevin Singer (Ph.D. in Higher Education, Baylor University)
  • Media, Literature and Entertainment (H-762)
    • Virtual Conflicts, Real Minds: The cosmic battle between good and evil in the World of Warcraft, by Jocelyn Beaudet (Undergraduate in Religion, Concordia University)
    • Mixed Messages: Myth as Both Source and Critique of Violence in Superhero Narratives, by Etienne Domingue (M.A. in Religion, Université de Sherbrooke)
    • Picturing Biblical Violence: Contemporary Adaptations of Violent Biblical Texts, by Lucas Cober (Ph.D. in Religion, Concordia University)
  • Gender, Secularism and Discursive Violence (H-763)
    • Post-Modern Conversion: A Structural Analysis of the Discourse and Narrativization of Transsexual Transition and Christian Conversion, by Keegan Lathe-Leblanc (M.A. in Religion, Concordia University)
    • The “Promise Keeperss” and Nondenominational Christian Movements, by Laurel Andrew (Ph.D. in Religion, Concordia University)
    • The Ethics of the Secular and Modernity’s Slaughterhouse: Religious Minorities and Vegan Animal Rights Advocates as Undesirable Subjects in the Imperialist Project of “Humanizing the World,” by Marion Achoulias (Ph.D. in Religion, Concordia University)
    • Politics of Piety? Debating the Function and Meaning of Religious Symbols in Quebec, by Jennifer Guyver (Ph.D. in Religion, McGill University)
  • Christianity in History and Society (H-767)
    • Iroquoian Demons and European Witches: Cultural Conflict in 17th Century New France, by Tiawenti:non Canadian (M.A. in Religion, Concordia University)
    • Modélisation opératoire du phénomène de la violence religieuse américaine : Cas d’étude le fondamentalisme actuel au sein du protestantisme américain, par Daniel Chevalier (Ph.D. in Religion, Université de Sherbrooke)
    • Renouncing Violence after 9/11 and the War on Terror , by Michael Gillingham (Ph.D. in Religion, University of Alberta)

12:15 – 1:30

Lunch (Veagan & Kosher)                                                                                   FA-202

1:30 – 2:45

  • Apocryphal Literature (H-760)
    • Crime and Banishment: The Punishments of the Watcher Angels in 1 Enoch, by Elliot Mason (Ph.D. in Religion, Concordia University)
    • The State’s Use of Abstract Representations of Violence in Ancient Israel and the Modern Day, by Robert Kashow (Ph.D. in Religion, Brown University)
    • Brother-Husbands and Moronic Tzaddiks: Liminal Figures and Spaces in Jewish Literature, by Jesse Toufexis (M.A. in Religion, Concordia University)
  • Sociology and ideologies (H-762)
    • Le Candomblé : une émancipation politique des femmes? by Farah Cader (Ph.D. in Religion, Université de Sherbrooke)
    • Religious freedom, ideology and violence against LGBTQ persons, by Robert Smith (Ph.D. in Religion, Université de Montréal)
    • Understanding the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda from the Perspective of Religious Studies, by Spyridon Loumakis, (Ph.D. in Religion, Concordia University)
  • Identity and Otherness (H-763)
    • Peacebuilding through Inclusive Identity and Boundary Formation, by Hyung Jin Kim Sun (Ph.D. in Theology, Emmanuel College)
    • Privileging the Lens: Framing Islamic Violence and the Creation of Authoritative Discourses, by Jeremy Cohen (Ph.D. in Religion, McMaster University)
    • Removing Site from Sight: The Spectacle of Cultural Heritage Destruction, by Stéphanie Machabée (Ph.D. in Religion, Yale University)
  • Islam and Otherness (H-767)
    • A Nonviolent Islam: a discussion on the underlying theory and hermeneutics of modern Islamic nonviolence with historical examples of nonviolent action on the ground—and the implications for a new theology of nonviolence, by Afra Jalabi (Ph.D. in Religion, Concordia University)
    • Jawdat Said: A Voice Calling in the Wilderness. An introduction to Said’s life, Works, by Naser Dumairieh (Ph.D. in Religion, McGill University)

3:00 – 4:15

  • Violence throughout History (H-760)
    • Religion, (Non-)Violence, and the American Civil Rights Movement, by Sarah Daigen, (M.A. in Religion, Carleton University)
    • Sir George Mackenzie and Religio-Politics of Violence in Restoration Scotland, by Alp Rodoplu (Ph.D. in History, Concordia University)
    • Mémoire, religion et idéologie : justification et diplomatie dans la guerre gothique, par Marc-Antoine Vigneau (Ph.D. in History, Université de Montréal) et David Brodeur (M.A. in Religion, UQAM)
  • New Questions, new Approaches (H-762)
    • Réflexion sur la guerre, par Louis Charles Fauteux (M.A. in Religion, Université de Montréal)
    • Apprehending Hand Guns, by Emilie St-Hilaire (Ph.D. in Humanities, Concordia University)
    • New Social Movements and the Future of Interfaith Activism, by Ashely Crouch (M.A. in Religion, Concordia University)
  • Nationalism and Ideologies (H-763)
    • Malekian’s “Way to Freedom” as an Alternative to the Violence of Religious Authoritarianism in Iran, by Dorota Dejneka (M.A. in Religion, Concordia University)
    • Canadian Beasts and Where to Find Them: Examining the Role of Folklore in the Construction of National Identity, by Elijah Smith (Ph.D. in Religion, Wilfried Laurier University)
    • Moral Authority: Nationalism and the Policing of Protest in Canada and the United States, by Kyle McLoughlin (M.A. in Sociology & Anthropology Concordia University)
  • Islam and Apocalypticism (H-767)
    • Le Monde musulman et la lutte contre la radicalisation islamique: Le Maroc comme exemple, par Moulay Hicham Mouatadid (Ph.D. in Religion, Université de Sherbrooke)
    • L’épistémologie de la violence et la conception de l’altérité: le cas de l’État Islamique, par Amany Fouad Salib (Ph.D. in Religion, UQAM)
    • Invoking the Apocalypse: Violence and the Islamic State’s Doomsday Message, by Jacob McLain (M.A. in Religion, Duke University)

4:30 – 6:00

Closure and Keynote Address (H-763)

  • Humanity’s Penchant for Violence: Religious Structures of Thought and Religious Expressions, by Dr. Michael Jerryson (Youngstown University, Ohio)