Annual Graduate Interdisciplinary Conference


agic-logo-blackfinalThe Annual Graduate Interdisciplinay Conference (AGIC) gathers scholars to present current research on a particular theme. As an interdisciplinary event, it serves as a bridge between several fields in the humanities as well as a network opportunity for graduate students and professors from across North America.

AGIC strives at providing a platform to innovative research and new theoretical frameworks in order to advance research and develop theoretical ideas.This year, AGIC has asked graduate students to share their research on the theme of Religion, Ideology, and Violence. We have scheduled over 40 presentations, along with two special panel; one titled Gender, Secularism and Discursive Violence, and the other on Islam and Otherness. For our Keynote address, we have invited Dr. Michael Jerryson, who has co-authored several books with other specialists from the field of “Religion and Violence,” such as Prof. Mark Juergensmeyer, and Prof. Margaret Kitts. He has also published two monographs focusing on Buddhism and instances of violence. The title for his presentation is “Humanity’s Penchant for Violence: Structures of Thought and Religious Expressions.” For our schedule, click here.

Our main objective is to engage graduate students in meaningful conversations that considers how religion and/or ideology have been manifested and deployed, either through violence, or non-violence. In doing so, graduate students and participants will actively question, explore, critique, and challenge previous and current theoretical models pertaining to the topic of violence and the role that religion and/or ideology have played in it.