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March 23, 6-8pm EST

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The 26th Annual Graduate Interdisciplinary Conference (AGIC) is pleased to present Part 3 of the Con-tact virtual lecture series: UNSETTLING ENCOUNTERS.

The use of ‘Con-tact’ as a mode of exploration arrives at the heels of current (and unevenly felt) social conditions. As possibilities of encounter and movement – both personal and political – have rapidly altered in form, and as questions of touch and proximity have been thrown into sharp, frictive, and often violent relief, we are urgently called to consider: What does it mean to be in relation to an-other across axes of feeling and being, time and space; in absence of physical contact, or, alternatively, in suffocating and immobilizing excess of it? Traversing and unraveling these boundaries, we hope to facilitate, or, borrowing from Erin Manning, “reach-toward” new modes of ethical inter-action.

UNSETTLING ENCOUNTERS articulates contact as a space of radical potential. The panel examines physical and conceptual borders and structures in both landscape and institutional spaces. The program combines both lecture and performance styles, and will conclude with a public Q&A segment. Featuring graduate presentations by… 

  1. Megan Seldon (New York University, History of Art): Transformational Justice and Land Based Activism in Museum Spaces 
  2. Zoe Compton (Concordia, Art Education): Pedagogy of Discomfort: Mapping Family History in Prince Edward Island 
  1. Brandon Sward (Chicago, Sociology): How to Make Site-Specific Art When Sites Themselves Have Histories: Whittier Boulevard as Asco’s ‘Camino Real’

And a response and keynote address by Alice Ming Wai Jim (Concordia, Art History): When Care Becomes a Discourse 

More information on the presenters here.

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All graphic materials for this event were designed by Man Zou. Her work can be found on her website and on Instagram @uoz.mann.


As this event is free, we are asking all attendees to consider making a donation to First Peoples Justice Center of Montreal. More information on their important work can be found on their website and donations can be made here.