2023 Panels and Performances

We are thrilled to be featuring the work of emerging scholars and performance artists from across North America. Please note that programming is subject to change. A detailed scheduled, as well as zoom links for those who would like to attend virtually, will be available on this page shortly. Thank you.

March 9th – Keynote Speech by Dr. Miranda Crowdus

Panel 1 – The Sacred in the Profane

“Greek Tragedy and Apocalyptic Beasts” by Dustin Barker

“A Spirituality of Feasting: Eating Elevated to Ritual” by Karla Reinhardt Falk

“#Unboxing: Ritualizations of Waste” by Claire Rostov

Panel 2 – Sacred Spaces Past and Present

“Government Control and Ritual Spaces during the COVID Pandemic Regulations” by Ana de Souza

“Medieval Cathedrals: Edifices of Applied Theology and Centers for Performed Ritual Activity” by Efstathios Fokas

Panel 3 – Moderated and Mediatized Identities

“Performing Identity, Authenticity, and Lived Religion in Contemporary Comedy TV Series” by Ilaria Biano

“Compelled to Comment: Christian Reddit as a Performative Space of Negotiated Power” by Zackari Bourgeois

“Digital merit, Chinese Sangha in French Canada” by Xiao Han

“Religiosity, Narrative Construction, and Social Performance In Post-Truth Politics: Post-Trump, Pandemic, and Beyond” by Brette Kristoff

Panel 4 – Identity In Flux: Migration and Mobility

“La religion vécue des musulman.es maghrébin.es et leurs stratégies identitaires déployées au travail depuis la loi 62 et 21” by Morad Bkhait

“Performing Mobility Identities” by Sophia Omokanye

Panel 5 – In Practice: Justice, Restoration, Responsibility

“This is Black,” poetry by Noah Humphrey

“Curation as Tikkun Olam: Searching for a Reparative Jewish Curatorial Practice” by Carmen Levy-Milne

Panel 6 – Embodied Devotions

“Dance and Devotion: Riyaz as Religious Practice in North Indian Kathak” by Allie Berger

“Investigating the ‘Redemptive Hegemony’ of Medieval Women’s Religious Dance” by Ann Chapman Price

“The Rasa Theories of Rūpa Gosvāmin and Bhoja Raja: Emotion & Devotion as the Performance of Desire” by Eileen Goddard

Featured Panel, hosted in collaboration with the Concordia Institute for Canadian Jewish Studies: Performing the Canadian Jewish Archive

“Historical Conduits of Cultural Significance” by Natasha Doyon (video installation)

“The Poetics of the Refuseniks: Language, Performance & Rebellion of the Soviet Jewish Exodus” by Angelic Goldsky

Live and Recorded Performances:

“Drum Lodge” by Ridge Shukrun

“Performing Grief: An oral history conference-performance” by Jad Orphée Chami

And recorded performances (please download schedule for details)

March 16th – Keynote Speech by Dr. Jennifer Selby: “Demands for a Secular Body: Analyzing requirements and performances in contemporary France and Québec”

Panel 1 – Ritual Matters: Embodied Practices and their Effects

“Revival Performed: Internal Dynamics of Protestant Religious Revivals, 1870-1930” by David Reed Hall

“Embodied Zen in the Performance of Japanese Archery” by Yuhan Long

“A Purification Ritual: The Case of Ōharae” by Mariangela Carpinteri

“Assojabas and The Tupi Ritualistic Legacy: A Trans-Ancestral Approach” by Rodrigo D’Alcântara