Sovereignty and Inter/dependence

April 20th

Keynote speaker

Annick Maugile Flavien

Concordia University, Black Perspectives Office

Where Isolation Urges Our Imaginary

Annick Maugile Flavien is a Black community advocate, a Black scholar, the founding coordinator of the Black Perspectives Office (BPO), and a Co-chair on the President’s Task Force on Anti-Black Racism at Concordia University.

She is a three time graduate of Concordia and has been working on campus for the last ten years where she had the opportunity to participate in and support grassroots EDI and anti-racist initiatives across campus. She now offers anti-discriminatory consultations, workshops and trainings, and is developing trainings specifically for anti-Black racism at Concordia University.

In her creative and academic research, Annick roots herself in ageing studies, communications and cultural studies, migration and Black geography in order to explore the transmission of intergenerational knowledge and identity for Black communities in Canada with the goal of addressing Black community isolation in Canada and fostering connections across Black Canadian communities.


Audrey Arthurs

Concordia University, Art History

Fist High, Kneel Low: Let Unity and Defiance Be Shown

I am Jamaican by birth but have lived in Canada for most of my life. Currently, I am a master’s student in the art history program at Concordia University. My interdisciplinary thesis topic examines performance of gender and sexuality on Wilfred Limonious’s Dancehall vinyl album covers. My academic interests include Transatlantic Slave Studies, Caribbean Art history, Black Diaspora studies and Vinyl Album Art. In the current social and political climate and the media attention on incessant the killing of unarmed Black people, I would like to investigate the resurgence of Black activism, the social movements, systemic racism and Black resistance along with its corresponding artwork.

Olvie Li

University of Victoria, Social Dimensions of Health

Indigenous Youth Speak Up on Sex: The Land and Our Bodies

Olvie is a Womxn of Colour born in Tkaronto, Ontario, into an immigrant family from Hong Kong and grew up in Northern Ontario. She is a Community Health/Public Health/Harm Reduction-Outreach Nurse currently residing in Lekwungen Territories (Victoria, BC). Her masters work focuses on Indigenous youth’s leadership in researching sexual wellness and connections to land-based knowledges. She advocates for youth rights and access to equitable healthcare on Turtle Island.

Sarah Revilla

University of Victoria, Cultural, Social, and Political Thought

Ghosts and Haunting as Affective Forces

I am a second year MA student in Sociology. I previously completed an MA degree in Comparative Literature and Arts at Brock University, and a BA in Modern Languages and Cultural Management in Mexico. My research interests include gendered violence, masculinity studies, postcolonial theory, and monstrosity.