About AGIC

Since 1995, the Annual Graduate Interdisciplinary Conference (AGIC), hosted and organized by graduate students in the Department of Religions and Cultures at Concordia University, has aimed to foster a dynamic and engaging platform for emerging scholars both locally and across North America.

As a collaborative space designed to generate and illuminate unanticipated points of contact across a wide spectrum of academic fields, AGIC challenges participants to reconsider methodological and theoretical developments from a cross-disciplinary perspective, while simultaneously facilitating opportunities for Concordia students to comprehensively develop their CVs and professional networks.

While AGIC has historically taken on a classic single-day style of student panels and invited keynote lectures, recent iterations have sought to challenge the rigidity of this conference structure by experimenting with innovative pedagogical avenues in tandem with emergent and urgent sociopolitical concerns.

This year’s AGIC has been similarly organized, featuring a series of in-person workshops and theory-praxis hybrid events over the span of an entire semester. It is our hope that this extended format will facilitate a sustained and multifaceted engagement with AGIC’s theme, Religion and Decoloniality, and give students, faculty, and Concordia community members opportunities to think, practice, and co-create new knowledges across and beyond disciplinary lines.